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My "Why"

Who am I? I am a proud father of three beautiful children and three grandsons.  I am a retired veteran of 26 years in the military. I have visited over 42 countries and have tried almost every food there is. I've also experienced almost every dominant religion in the world, which I have grown to respect and appreciate. However, for me, I have chosen my path of Christianity. I am an honest, hardworking person. I have worked in almost every industry from food service to children's programs to construction to hospitality management to owning multiple businesses to consulting high ranking military officials such as 4-Star Generals. I have had the pleasure of supervising or managing anywhere from 1 person to 10,000 people. I have failed 10x as many times as I've succeeded. I equate that to I am now 10x more experienced on what not to do. I have been homeless, divorced twice, and have been bankrupt in the past. Wisdom often comes with a price. My mom had a saying growing up, "Make lots of mistakes to learn, but if you ever make a mistake twice, I'll kill you, lol." That stuck with me. I did make lots of mistakes, but I can proudly say, I was never a repeat offender. Thanks, Mom!  


Regardless, along the way, one common theme always showed up. It was the impact and joy I could bring to others from teaching, mentoring, and coaching, which excited me. I loved to help individuals and teams to solve simple to complex issues, conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings to seek win/win scenarios. I enjoyed seeing my employees, peers, subordinates, and clients excel and become a more refined version of themself. I consider myself a true "connoisseur" of the human condition.​

Why, Coach? It is who I am.  Although unlike many people, I didn't know what I wanted to do or become. I envied those that did. For me, it wasn't the case.  I was a man without a PURPOSE, so I thought.  I started looking at my purpose once my military career was coming to a close.  Which prompted me to pursue personal development growth for my answers.  You see, since March of 2018, I have invested more than $20K in personal growth with close to 7K hours of instruction and coaching. And it was that quest that led me to realize my greatest GIFT wasn't what I DIDN'T know, but what I already knew, which was to be a coach, but I overlooked it.  It was through my growth and development journey I saw for the first time coaching was my purpose.  

It wasn't until I sent out a text to 10 of my friends and family asking them to tell me 10 things I was good at, and 10 things I wasn't so good at but could improve upon that sealed the deal for my coaching. The results were SHOCKINGLY OBVIOUS to me. Honestly, it wasn't what I expected nor thought to get back. I got back answers like a teacher, inspirational leader, mentor, and coach. You see, I've always thought of myself as an Entrepreneur/business type but never really considered to be a coach. Let alone make it a career. So it was at that moment I began to explore how I could put into practice my passion, skills, and talents to create a coaching business. It is true. Success leaves clues, and it's a continual drip over time of our abilities, skills, passions, and interests that reveal our real purpose along the way. Let me help you find yours!

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