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Enjoy lIfe's Success- Ray Tuggle Coaching


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Who am I?

I am a Self Identity Coach, Counselor and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming using Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER), and Hypnotherapy. My certifications are accredited by

the Association of Integrative Psychology.

I am a proud father of three beautiful children (Trevor, Alexis and Nathan) and three grandsons who call me "Papa Tugs." And especially enjoy having fun and spending time with my amazing girlfriend of three years (Kristen). 

I am a retired military veteran of 26 years who has had the privilege of visiting over 44 different countries with various landscapes, cultures, and experiences. Throughout my travels I’ve had the honor of experiencing many of the world’s dominant religions, which I have grown to appreciate. In doing so, I chose to embrace the teachings of the Bible and Christ, not as a religion, but through a personal relationship. I am open to everything and attached to nothing while respecting everyone's model of the world. 

I strive daily to be an honest, trustworthy and hardworking person. I have worked in multiple industries from adult & children's church programs to electrical to food service to construction to hotels to cruise ships to marketing to accounting to network marketing to IT to human resources to advising high-ranking military officials. I have had many trials and tribulations along my journey of learning's. I have lived through being hijacked, hit by a car, homeless, divorced, bankrupt and shot at. They say, “Wisdom often comes with a price,” doesn't it? My mom had a saying growing up, "Under, over, around or through, no excuses for must see it through."  That stuck with me. Thanks, Mom!  

Regardless, along the way, one common theme always showed up. It was the learning's born from adversity I could impart wisdom and gratefulness to others through teaching, mentoring, and coaching, which excites me. I love to help individuals and teams to solve simple to complex issues, conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings, while always seeking  win/win scenarios. I enjoyed seeing my employees, peers, subordinates, and clients excel and become a more refined version of themselves while naturally becoming a "connoisseur" of the human condition myself.​ Some people know cars, I know people.




Make the decision to discover whether hiring a Self Identity Coach & NLP Master Practitioner using (Mental Emotional Release & Hypnotherapy) is right for you. I help peop...
Initial Discovery Session
1 hr 30 min
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