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Passionate About Inspiring Others
About to start a new and exciting chapte

My Why


First and foremost I've always been a people person.  I was taught to find value in everyone I meet.  I get my energy from talking, learning and helping others.  Life is all about people.  No matter what work environment or relationship situation you come from, it's the people that make it work.  So it's been a passion of mine over the last 30 years to understand people and find ways to add value to their life as well as my own.  I have been gifted by God the natural ability of discernment to understand the human condition. Some people have an ear for music. I have an ear for what makes people tick.  Therefore, it has been a life-long passion to inspire, mentor, and coach others. They say success leaves clues.  I absolutely agree!!!  I myself did not know what my purpose was for a long time.  It wasn't until I hired a Life Coach that I discovered what my true purpose and passion was.       

Growing up as a kid, I traveled a lot. My dad was in the military and we frequented multiple countries and cultures. I was blessed from a young age to have experienced such exposure. Unfortunately, at the age of 12 years old, my dad was killed during a military operation. I was the oldest of three children and forced to grow up faster than most. So I've experienced loss in my life on numerous occasion. Whether close family members or friends in the military. Life is precious. It is but a vapor. Live it to the fullest. 

Consequently, I grew up without a dad for most of my adolescent life. So I experienced tragedy and loss at a young age.  Although, I had no Earthy father growing up, I found my Spiritual father early on.  I trusted Jesus Christ as my savior and never looked back.  He has always been there for me in my darkest of times, as well as, the greatest of times.  If it weren't for my faith and growing up with Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn along the way I would have had a much different life.  I truly believe I would have been in jail or on drugs.  It was God, my mom and these life coaches & motivational speakers that shaped my life.  

Today, I sit here the proud owner of my company called Enjoy Life's Success.  My sole purpose of creating this company was to pay it forward.  I have experienced a lot of life's lessons; some successful and some not so successful.  Regardless, of the out come, it is from these lessons and experiences that I can help others gain insight and wisdom.  Much like when you read a book, you can gain 20-40 years of experience from the author and participants of the book in one week or as long as it takes you to read the book.  Leaders are readers, but readers aren't always necessarily leaders.  I have found one must be coachable and teachable to maximize their results they seek.  


Finally, life is one big lesson plan.  To think is to create.  If it is to be it is up to me.  So just like in a relationship there is always her side, his side and the truth.  The fact is, we don't often see ourselves as well as others do.  So it should lend us a clue, that there is much value in someone else coaching us.  It was for me.  Therefore, it is my sole purpose to perform an intellectual "lasik surgery" of sorts clearing away any (cataracts) of the mind preventing my clients from living their best life now through their purpose and passion.  

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