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We build on the 7 Areas of your Life Wheel

  1. Spirituality

  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  3. Physical Healthy & Wellbeing       

  4. Relationships

  5. Finances & Career

  6. Intellectual (IQ)

  7. Influential / Contribution. 


My 13-week Program

  1. Spirituality. I will help you get "grounded" spiritually by revealing all of God's evidence through an intensive discovery process. This will entail a comprehensive assessment of your dreams, aspirations, desires, past experiences, personality, passions, skills, talents, interests, and past experiences, etc.

  2. Emotional Intelligence (IQ). I will help you establish your emotional intelligence by reinforcing your boundaries and values and eliminating your "triggers" of past emotions, limited beliefs and negative life experiences (stories) that hold you back. In addition, help you discover those desires that fill your tank and make your heart sing.

  3. Physical Health & Wellbeing. I will help you build a strong body that supports your quality of life, dreams and aspirations. Most people develop wealth only to spend it on their depleting health. I want to proactively help you develop your health to enjoy your wealth.This represents your quality of life. 

  4. Relationships. I will help you identify your communication "blind spots" and do some "shadow" (NLP) work to eliminate expectations and projections that sabotage and keep you from loving the people in your life more freely, openly, honestly, and optimally. We will do some Love Languages and compatibility work to help you through this process as well as boundary work.

  5. Finances & Career. I will help you identify your true passions, interests, skills, talents, etc. that will give evidence to what career or field that best suits you, to include possibly working for yourself (entrepreneurship). In addition, I will help you identify a career path, as well as financial literacy, tools and strategies to create a life of abundance and autonomy.

  6. Intellectual (IQ). I will help you locate and discover the necessary specialized "knowledge" to set you up for success in your personal and/or professional life.

  7. Influential / Contribution. I will help you identify and implement the things that make your "heart" melt by your giving, supporting or helping others. As well as, your dreams and aspirations that just pull your "soul" towards humanity's call for help (starting a Non-Profit, participation in a non-profit, or supporting a non-profit) or other ways of contribution and legacy. 


During our time together you will participate in experiential learning, reflection, and introspection. During this time, you can expect some closed-eye exercises to engage the conscious and unconscious mind to discover a greater sense of self. During our sessions, I will help you set SMART goals that are realistic and help you to measure progress until successful. In addition to healthy habits. However, it is more important to start with the foundation of who you are and what holds you back before we can help you become whom you desire to be. 


Remember, change is inevitable but progress is not.  I love the saying, "If it's to be, it's up to me." This is a DO WITH process. 

Therefore, it is my life's mission, to leave people better than I found them and I leave better than I came.  Win/win!!!  I look forward to being a good fit for one another and earning your time as "your" coach.  

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